In a rush? Here's a quick summary.

  • Send a quote through Kanda and enable personal loan finance

  • The minimum loan value is set at £1000.00, and no fees to you for offering it.

  • Your customer can be pre-approved in minutes.

  • Funds are paid directly to your customer. This can happen as quickly as 15 minutes.

  • You can take payment just like normal.

  • Kanda notifies you every time an application is updated.

There are 2 types of finance you can offer with Kanda (depending on your trade), they are interest-free finance and interest-bearing finance. In this article, I'll explain how interest bearing finance works.

How to offer interest-bearing personal loan finance?

Interest bearing finance can be offered by any trade using Kanda. The minimum value for a finance application is £1000. There are no additional fees when offering this type of finance.

To offer your customer interest-bearing personal loan finance, you need to send your customer a quote with the option enabled. Click this article here to understand how to do that.

When your customer receives your quote, they'll be given the option to apply for finance.

Here's how interest-bearing personal loan finance works

Step 1: Your customer completes a short application form.

Step 2: We then return a decision from a panel of lenders to your customer. Typically they will receive a pre-approved rate from any of our lenders.

The table below shows some example rates for customers applying for finance through Kanda. It is unlikely the customer will get this exact rate, and rates will depend on many factors other than credit score, such as the customer's affordability, living arrangements and employment status.

Rate over 5 years

Poor Credit

Average Credit

Good Credit




From 3.9%-11%

Step 3: If they choose to go ahead with a lender, they will need to complete some paperwork and ID checks.

Step 4: Once complete, the funds are paid directly to your customer. We tell you when this happens so that you can arrange a start date.

Since the funds are paid directly to your customer, you can still take deposits and ask for payment like you normally would.

We'll notify you along the way as the finance application moves along this flow. To see what the different statuses mean, read this article here.

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