How to advertise

There are stringent rules around advertising finance to your customers. So you have to be very precise when advertising. Rather than give you a list of 100 rules to follow, we'll build you compliant marketing materials for free.

Kanda will create awesome ads for free.

To get access to free advertisement material, you need to subscribe to Kanda. Once you do, we will reach out and ask you for a few details like your logo and some pictures of your work.

Social media posts like this

and even website banners like this

Advertising 0% finance

You can actually advertise interest-free finance with more freedom. Since this is an unregulated product, you can describe the offer more straightforwardly. You can even put in some figures so your customers understand what they are paying.

Again, if you'd rather we do all of this for you, then subscribe today, and we'll create you a set of bespoke ads for interest-free and interest-bearing finance.

Want us to run your social?

Well, check out our improved business boost package, where Kanda will post to your social media on your behalf. We know the best times and messaging to put around your content, helping you make the most of it. Just click the option in your settings area.

If you'd like, we can also set you up some Facebook paid ads to help extend your reach?

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