It's quite simple to apply for finance on Kanda, in this article I'll show you how.

Step 1: Are you happy with your quote?

When you receive your quote, Kanda will ask you if you're happy with it. If you are, we'll then ask if you'd like to apply for finance. If you aren't happy, we'll ask you why (optional) so we can give your tradesperson feedback and allow them to make amends if they'd like. You can of course reach out to them directly.

Step 2: Do you want to apply for finance?

If you want to apply for finance, we'll then show you the options that are available for your quote. If you don't want to apply for finance, you can just accept the quote so you can start working with your tradesperson.

Step 3: Choosing the type of finance you want to apply for

You will be shown the options available to you for your quote. You may be given the option to apply for 0% finance or interest-bearing finance. This will depend on a range of factors like the cost of the quote and what facilities are available for the type of work being done.

Step 4: Complete a short application

Once you complete the application form, we'll give you a decision within a few minutes. Occasionally, we will have to refer your application, in which case it can take 24hrs.

Is it the same process for interest-free finance?

The application for interest-free (sometimes called 0% finance) is a bit different as we have to perform a hard credit check. So you should check the guidelines on the type of credit you would need to be more likely to be accepted for an interest-free finance agreement.

What happens next for interest-bearing finance

If you apply for a personal loan through Kanda, then the funds will be paid directly to you. If that happens, we'll leave it to you to alert your service provider about starting the work.

What happens next for interest-free finance

If you apply for interest-free finance, the lender will hold the funds and they'll be released directly to your service provider once they've completed the work and you sign a satisfaction note signaling you're happy to release the payment.

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